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The OMA Membership is for Individuals and Affiliate Companies. All memberships transfer with you if you change employers. Your membership expires one year from the date you join.

Membership Categories and Fees:

Professional Membership

Individual: $200.00

This is an individual membership for an Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Manager, Principal Officer, Broker of Record of a mortgage origination firm, or a Loan Originator licensed by the State of Oregon. Professional members shall have one (1) vote and may serve on committees and as directors or Officers as specified in the OMA Bylaws. This includes a professional Membership in NAMB. 

OMA offers a FREE MEMBERSHIP to Newly Licensed LO's who are first-time members and are newly licensed in the industry for the first time for less than one year. Membership will be approved once verified at: This membership class does not carry voting rights.

Affiliate Membership

Individual: $174.00 | Corporate: $500.00

The Affiliate membership category encompasses members of business that provide support, products, and services to the mortgage origination profession and to the association. This includes an Associate Membership in NAMB.

The Corporate membership shall include all employees of the company state wide. Affiliate Membership may include, but not be limited to, wholesale lenders, MI Companies, title companies, appraisal firms, credit reporting firms, insurance agencies, mortgage educators, and others. Affiliate members may serve on committees and as Directors or Officers as specified in the OMA Bylaws. Affiliate members will not have an individual vote however will have one vote cast by an elected Affiliate Director who shall represent the interest of all affiliates pursuant to the OMA bylaws. This membership DOES NOT include a membership in NAMB.

Associate Membership

Individual: $125.00 

Individuals who are directly and actively engaged in supporting mortgage origination activities but do not qualify as a Professional Member (e.g., loan processors, support staff, sales assistants, etc.) may apply for associate membership. Associate Members are entitled to all benefits of membership in the Association but have no voting rights. Associate Members may serve on committees. This includes an Associate Membership in NAMB.